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Lady Bug's life in Flash

This game is a Remake of the original UNIVERSAL game (1981) in Flash. It has nothing to do with the company UNIVERSAL. My goals were to learn Flash, to remind at my favorite game, to make it available for the internet-world, to win new friends for this wonderful game and last but not least to honour the company UNIVERSAL by copying it as originally as possible.

This is the place to thank the MAME-Team. Without their work I would have never been able to copy the game that way.

Quick Help
  • STOP "Instructions": Move the mouse over the game
  • START GAME: Click "Play" and than "ENTER" (or wait a second)
  • CONTROLS: Arrow-keys
  • RE-START: Press "Q"
  • PAUSE: "P"-key

You will find all my games at p-six.de/sign