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Jürgen Müller-Lütken

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Safecracker / Tresorknacker 2.0

I revised my Mastermind game! Holy moly, what a crap of code! I hope, it's better now and every safecracker can train with this game to professionality.

You can play with a 4-, 5- or 6-digit code; any digit may be used more than once in the secret code.

If you like to play against the time, you can!

Make your comments, please! Is it easy to play or has it any bugs? Every detail is wellcome.

P.S. Yesterday I noticed that there are other games called Safecracker. If you looked for the last Safecracker game published by The Adventure Company, I am sorry, but to make you feel better, here's a walkthrough and a review (in German) of that game. Germans will find solutions of Safecracker on Gamepad.de.


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