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Brian Power

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Tuts Revenge

A nice looking and well functioning game!
But I'm missing some important things: the most important are the rules. Not the rules of the game in general, but how this game has to be played. I needed some time to recognize, which color of the result-pins meant what?
I tell you: the golden square says right stone at the right place. The grey square is indicating a right color at a wrong place; a red square means nothing, it's superfluous.
If I can set squares of the same color multiple, I don't know yet.
The next thing what makes the game more difficult as necessary for me is the changing of the squares when they fit on the board. It is hard to remember which square is which. I like the chosen squares after setting, but why they do not have this habit all the time?
Then I would like to change squares after setting sometimes, but I can't.
These are significant problems.
Others are only suggestions for improvements. So I would like to have the golden figure for proving the result not twice but only one directly beside the row I finished. Because I cannot change squares, this feature is also superfluous.
At least I would like to have the possibility to see the hidden code before the end of the game.
When I get all of these wishes fullfilled I would stand Tuts comments and the time the game needs loading.

Today I got a message from Brian which give me some explanations I didn't know. I will give it to everybody here.
Thanks, Brian, for the hints!
"Thank you for reviewing my game, MasterMind 3.0 Tut's Revenge. I am sorry you had a difficult time working through the game concept. This version of mastermind is intentionally a bit sneaky since Tut picks 6 new randomly chosen blocks from the set of 12 displayed on the game beneath Tut and held by the Sarcophogi. Those pieces need to be REMEMBERED by the player as to which one came from where, which at first SEEMS difficult but actually it is very easy to remember if you follow the rules, and the secrets which are explained in the tutorial. The tutorial is found on the web site link which is directly below the game link, you need to ENTER by clicking on Tut, and then you get the menu. So, let me give you some links to help you understand the concepts and the SECRETS to this game (yes there are secret HINTS that Tut gives you if you pay attention to him ) Here are the links: Tutorial, About, Secrets. And lastly, this link: Menu allows you access to all three links above it if you click on the square blocks at the top of the window ( each one is a web page about this game.) Thank you very much for trying, and reviewing my game. Brian Power / tink-tank.com"


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