JavaScript Tetris v3

This is a tetris game written in javascript without using a single image.

The point of the game is to score as much as possible. Fast play is favored.

By dropping figures (with space) one can get many points - score for drop­ing is pro­por­tional to the num­ber of lines the figure falls. Speed in­crea­ses with time and not with score.

To restart just press F5. To pause press Pause/Break button or P.

To control block's position use left and right buttons, a and d or h and l. To rotate figure press up button, w or j. Ctrl+up or Shift+w(j) rotates clockwise.

To lower figure by one level press down arrow, s or k. It is re­com­mended though to drop figures with space as it's faster and yields significant amount of score.

© A. Vynogradov 2007-2008
zzandy at gmail dot com