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PAC-MAN Pizza Parlor

Game Information


Join in on the fun as PAC-MAN celebrates his 30th Anniversary with an addictive new Match 3 game, PAC-Match Party!   Match the ghosts and collect power-up birthday gifts as you clear each puzzle stage!   Keep the matches going to move PAC-MAN around the outside of the stage and keep one step ahead of those pesky ghosts!

Fun Facts

Conserve your gifts in case you need them in a pinch, just remember you can only hold 10 at a time!   When the PAC-MAN on the outside of the stage eats a cake, all the cakes on the stage will disappear.


The original name of PAC-MAN on release was PUCK-MAN. It was later changed for U.S. translation.

PAC-MAN 30th 

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