Java Othello ver2.0

You are black. Click to place a piece. A legal move must form a line with your pieces surrounding your opponent on both sides. This turns enclosed pieces black.@

Are you a winner or a loser?

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So, you are black and the computer is white. The goal is to end the game with more of your pieces on the board. You go first. To place one of your pieces, just click where you want to go. But you can only put pieces in a spot that makes a line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) with your piece on the other side and the computer's pieces in the middle. It's like you are capturing his pieces (changing them to your color), and to capture, you have to surround them. If you can  make a move, click Pass. Click Clear to start a new game

*Java Source Code(*      

This Othello(Reverse) was made of "JAVA" language . The applet of Othello was programmed by Kenji Fujimoto at 5 May 1996. I often play this game by Computer vs. me. ,and But I lose a battle .       "Java Othello"   was improved   Ver2.0 at May  2001 .    Please enjoy this "Java othello". We look forward to spread Java Technologe .  Good luck!

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