The word Ajax comes from an odd mixture of the words Edax and Java. Indeed, Ajax may be considered as the little brother of Edax, a program I designed in C language and which was awarded as the French 2000 Champion Othello program. Ajax is a light Edax; nonetheless, most of the same recipes were applied to it. Consequently, Ajax is a strong software, probably the strongest Java applet; although it is much weaker than Edax and other similar software.

With Ajax I hope filling a gap: rareness of actually strong applets in the Web, for I am myself, as a weak player, able to beat most of them. I also try to offer a user interface of high quality and easy to use.

This page contains a brief description of the main display and of the menu.

Main display

Here is a preview of Ajax as it displays on a browser:


Display was designed to look esthetical without forgetting to remain easy to use, according to the following organisation:


The menu offers the following choices:

Ajax version 1.3 (05/09/2001 00:00)
Copyright 2000 Richard Delorme
All right reserved.
Othello is a registered trademark of Tsukuda-Original, licensed by Anjar and distributed in France (and some other countries) by Mattel.