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AUTHOR'S DESCRIPTION: The classic game of black and white

You play white, which means you go first.
Place a piece by clicking on a square next to a black piece such that the the resulting line of pieces has a white piece on either end and black pieces in the middle.
The line can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.
The surrounded black pieces are then turned white.
The winner is the player with the most pieces of their colour at the end of the game.

The algorithm I've used to generate the computer's move is fairly straight forward, but it does do better than I'd have expected. It even beats people!

If there are no more moves to play the game is a tie. In fact in the real game it should mean that the player who can't go misses a turn.

You can make the game two player by clicking on the black score counter. Reactivate the CPU by clicking it again. If it is already black's move, the computer will not take over until the next turn.
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Date: Jul 11 2002 5:55PM
From: justinwatkins
good, but i think you could have made the computer a little smarter under 5k.

Date: Jul 10 2002 11:25PM
From: batman
pretty decent implementation. It IS usually 8x8, so 10x10 made it actually a bit more challenging.

Also just curious, why SWF and not DHTML? It would be interesting to have taken a gander at the AI algorithm ^_^

Date: Jul 10 2002 12:23PM
From: MikeLeung
This is the game I like best so far. I've downloaded the SWF, and made it my browser homepage. The functionality of a lot of the 5k games often trade away broader browser support for complexity, often involving banging on the key board really fast, which isn't as I've observed in this case. If this could be done with javascript manipulating css visibility, so it wouldn't need the flash plug in, I think this game would be easier to pimp along the judging categories.

Date: Jul 3 2002 10:08AM
From: Asgard-v-d-S
I like the feature that you can switch between Ai and 2Players.

Date: Jul 2 2002 8:58AM
From: alefil
Nice game, and a descent look for 5k. Also great AI for such a small filesize. I agree with mad_viking tho, I think the original game has less squares, but I'm not sure. I used IE 5.0, and it works fine for me, just make sure you got the Flash 6 plugin to play!

Date: Jun 26 2002 8:07PM
From: spike
Netscape 6 tries to download the swf

Date: Jun 26 2002 1:44AM
From: DoNotGoDotCom
swf file would not finish loading on my IE 5.0 windows computer.

Date: Jun 25 2002 12:37PM
From: mad_viking
slick. although, i think there are too many squares.

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