Learn more about our native birds by playing

Set conditions of the game


The game is based on the idea of the memory® (concentration) game by Ravensburger Spieleverlag: You have to find two elements of the same kind; this may be two images, two names or two songs of a bird or two mixed ones of these.
You can set the kinds of elements before starting the game by selecting them in the selection board.

After hitting the "Start" button, you will see the double number of cards of the selected number of birds.
If you click at such a card, you will see an image or a name or listen to a song of a bird (depending on the combination you have selected).
Now hit another card to find the according element.

If you've found a pair, a pair of images of the bird will be seen under your name on the left, you get some points - (50 / number of tries) x number of birds in the game - and you have another try.
The winner is the one with the most points at the end.

If you click the pair of images on the left you will see a large image of that bird, hear its song and get some more informations about it.
Hit the dark background let the image disappear

Where to the Cuckoo…?

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