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Mad:)Minds Help/Rules
Object of the Game

At the beginning of the game, the computer will pick a sequence of 4 or 6 pegs (depending on difficulty), each one being one of any of 4, 6, or 8 colors (depending on difficulty). The object of the game is to guess the exact colors in the exact order in the computer's sequence in as few guesses as possible. After each guess, the computer gives you a response showing how close your guess was.
Rules / How to Play
  1. The computer's sequence is located at the bottom of the screen:
    • It can contain pegs of the following colors (depending on difficulty):
      red blue yellow green
      white orange purple brown
    • A color can be used only once in the computer's sequence, except in REALLY HARD games.
    • All spaces in the computer's secret sequence will contain a color - no blanks/empties are allowed.
    • The actual values will be hidden behind a black box.

  2. One by one, you enter your guesses by selecting a color from the panel on the left, and then clicking on the space you wish to place that color peg in. You can also click multiple times on a peg in a space to cycle through the colors.
    • Each guess must consist of pegs in all spaces - no blanks/empties are allowed.
    • You have 8 or 16 guesses (depending on difficulty) to find the secret sequence.

  3. When you have finished entering your guess, click the "Guess" button. Once this is done, the turn is over, and the computer will give its response. See below for an explanation of the computer's response.

  4. Use the computer's response to guide your following guesses, and continue guessing until you win, or you run out of guesses.

  5. If you have chosen wisely and you win (or when you run out of guesses), the computer's secret sequence will be revealed.
Computer's Response

For each of the pegs in your guess that is the correct color and in the correct position, the computer will give you one small red peg to the right of that move. If all the response spaces contain red pegs, you have guessed the secret sequence.
For each of the pegs in your guess that is a correct color in an incorrect position, the computer will give you one small white peg to the right of that move.
If you do not guess any of the correct colors, regardless of position, you will see no small pegs to the right of that move.
Examples of the Computer's Response

For the following examples, we will assume that the computer's secret sequence is the following:
Now, we will make a guess of yellow, blue, orange, white:
From the response from the computer, we know that there is one correct color in the correct spot (red response), and one correct color in an incorrect spot (white response). However, we do not know which colors are which.
Now, let's look at what the response would have been if our guess had been white, blue, orange, red:
As you can see, the computer's response says that we have three correct colors, but none of them are in the correct spot.
Now's your turn, Look at the following sequence:
Can you tell which of the options to the right is the correct response?
(Click Here to reveal the correct answer.)
Difficulty Settings Explained

Number of Spaces 4 4 4 6 6
Number of Colors 4 6 8 8 8
Number of Guesses 8 8 8 16 16
Repeatable Colors no no no no yes
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