The Ultimate Mastermind Game v3.4 w/ Auto-Solver
Ben's Marvelous MM version enhanced by AR Mackwani - Includes Go-Solve after Give Up.
Auto-Solving complex codes may take some time. ... Best played in Full Screen View.
Enjoy the Game! ... Exercise Your Mind! ... For Instructions see below.

... Enjoy the Game! ... Exercise Your Mind! ...
Your task is to crack a code which is randomly created by the computer.
To crack the code, you make guesses and the computer responds with clues.
Click RESET button to start when you are ready.
Making Guesses:
To make a guess simply fill in a row with colored pegs (you can use corresponding number keys also)
and then click on GO! button (key G or Enter).
Using the Clues:
After you click GO! the computer will respond with some colored pegs of it's own.
A RED peg means "Right color, right position." That is, one of your pegs is the right color in the right position.
A WHITE peg means "Right color, wrong position."
No pegs means that the code has none of the colors in your guess.
There is no relation between the position of the computer's clues and the position of your pegs.
The numbers under R and W give the total number of RED and WHITE pegs.
Rpt? [Yes/No] indicates whether the colors in the code are repeated or not.
Won: gives Games Won / Total (Give Up adds to the Total).
Your SCORE is an average for the games won only, based on the final difficulty level, type of code,
the number of guesses made to break the code, and the time taken.
After you fill up the top row of the main board and click GO!, an extension board opens up allowing you
to continue the game just in case you were not able to crack the code by then.
Getting Help:
HINT button (key H) followed by number key (1 for leftmost spot) displays one spot of the code at a time.
Number of possible codes reduces making the game easier.
GIVE UP button (key U) displays the entire code and brings up the Go-solve button. While the clock is ticking,
each click on this button (key G or Enter) solves the code on the extension board using a different solution each time.
RESET (key R) starts a new game.
Click on OPTIONS button (key O) to select one of the many different possible games.
At times optimum selection is made for you when you click OK.
Increasing the Board Width &/or Number of Colors, or checking Repeat Colors makes the code more difficult to crack. Uncheck Labelled Pieces if you want to see colors only.
RESET SCORE button and SHOW TIMER checkbox are also here.
Please Note:
The Auto-Solver does NOT cheat. Also it always assumes that the colors in the code are repeated.
While the computer is solving the code, the Timer display is frozen. Please wait.
The Options Window at times minimizes on opening. Look for it on the task-bar at the bottom of your screen.
If you are in Full Screen View mode, you may have to revert to Normal View first.
Thank you for playing the game. I hope you enjoyed it.

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Last modified: 28 Oct 03