Jessamyn's Mastermind
To play, select a color from the palette. Then click where you would like to place a peg of that color. You may only place pegs in the current guess (the top guess is the first). Note: guesses are on the left, marks are on the right. When you are satisfied with your guess, click the "Mark Guess" button. The computer will then mark your guess.

Marking is as follows: black indicates the correct color in the correct place; white indicates the correct color in the incorrect place. If you guess a correct color multiple times, you will get one black peg if any of them are in the right place, otherwise you will get one white peg.

You win by guessing the exact sequence of colors in the hidden code selected by the computer. This code contains at most one peg of each color. You lose if you have not guessed the correct sequence by guess twelve. When you win or lose, the hidden code will be revealed. Click the "New Game" button to start a new game.
Keyboard Shortcuts
"M"Mark Guess
"C"Copy Guess
"N"New Game
"1"Select Red
"2"Select Orange
"3"Select Yellow
"4"Select Green
"5"Select Blue
"6"Select Black
"7"Select Brown
"8"Select White
You should really use a browser that supports Java. This is a pretty cool applet ;)