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Meltdown Madness DescriptionMore Details


Stop the madness and save Lunar City. Crack the secret code in time to stop the reactor from exploding.

More Details

Only you can stop the Lunar City power generators from overloading by cracking the Safety Code!

Use the number keypad on your keyboard to guess a code. Depending on the code you guessed, feedback lights will show how accurate you were.

GREEN = Right number, right location.
ORANGE = Right number, wrong location.
RED = Wrong number, wrong location.

Your guesses for the code can become more accurate as you move on through the game. Refer back to previous codes to see where you were right and where you were wrong.

You only have 12 chances to break the Safety Code. Your time is limited to 5 minutes. Use logical thinking to solve this puzzle.

Good Luck!

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