Super Master Mind - The Java applet

W e l c o m e !

If you like Super Master Mind, try this applet!

Different game modes and levels are available so that you can progressively increase your ability to play:

  • Easy level (combinations of 4 colors out of 7),
  • Intermediate level (combinations of 5 colors out of 8),
  • Advanced level (combinations of 6 colors out of 9),
  • With / without doubles,
  • With / without help (the applet is able to play a logical combination in place of you),
  • With / without comments on how efficiently you played, e.g.
        '+0.00' means that what you played was optimal,
        '-1.00' means that what you played was totally useless,
        '-0.50' means that what you played was not optimal: you lost 1/2 attempt
                  on average to reach the secret code in comparison to the optimal
                  combination to play,

  • Here is a game example:

    You can play on-line now by clicking the below button:

    ERROR: Java is not enabled!

    (it may take a few minutes
    to load the 100-Kbytes Java classes)

    You can also download and install the Java applet
    and all the source files directly on your system.

    System requirements are:
    Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape),
    Appletviewer or Java Runtime Environment
    supporting Java 1.1.4 or a more recent version.

    If you have any suggestions for improvement
    or if you improve the game yourself,
    please let me know: