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Requires Java-capable browser.
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The aim is to guide your frog across a series of obstacles to collect a key within a certain period of time. The first obstacle is the river - you must land only on the lily-pads as they float by. Then you must cross a busy motorway, while avoiding being run over by lorries and cars. You will then be able to collect a key.

Each time you collect a key, you will score a number of points (depending on how quickly it was achieved), and a new key will appear at the opposite end of the screen. The game becomes more difficult as time goes on, as some of the lily-pads will disappear, and there will be less time in which to collect keys.

Your frog can move up, down, left or right, and is controlled as follows:

Up:   'Q' or Up-arrow
Down:   'A' or Down-arrow
Left:   ',' (comma) or Left-arrow
Right:   '.' (full-stop) or Down-arrow

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