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Galaxy Marbles

"Galaxy Marbles"
The target is to score as many points as you can. Points are given when five or more balls of the same color are placed on the desk in a line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal). You have only 15 seconds to move a ball and then three new balls will appear on the desk. Positions and colors of the upcoming balls are shown as small balls. The game will end when the desk is completely occupied.
There are a few additional features that can appear in the bottom right corner of a cell:

  • Radioactive sign - if you place a ball in this cell, it will disappear
  • Bomb - if you remove a line containing a bomb, it will explode all balls around the bomb
  • Question mark - a ball with question will change its color randomly
  • Coloured ball - a ball with this sign is universal and will change its colour automatically to fulfill a line if needed
  • Lock - a ball with a lock cannot be moved