Color Lines


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The goal of the game is to remove as many balls as possible from the playing field. The balls disappear when you line up five or more of equally colored ones in a line (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal).

To move a ball, first click on source cell. Selected ball starts jumping. Then click on destination cell. Ball shall move there provided the way is free. Unless you remove a line three more balls of random colors shall be added to the playing field. You can see them if Show next checkbox is checked.

The scoring system is quite simple - each removed ball gives you exactly one point.

Save game button writes current position in a cookie. Last saved position is restored next time you open the same page or press Load game button. Best score is also kept in cookie.

Original idea comes from a classic MS-DOS game by russian company GAMOS. What you see is a clean-room implementation circa 1998. I took it offline soon after that because of the controversy around Unisys patent on the GIF file format (this particular implementation uses animated GIFs). Now that the patent finally expired I decided to put this page online once again, with just a couple of cosmetic changes.

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